Comprehensive robotic system

Maximize ROI potential with a comprehensive robotic system.

Support multiple applications, streamline staff adoption, and create procedure efficiencies all while improving patient outcomes.

Many facilities are experiencing staff shortages and increased procedure demand. Reduce procedure complexities and duration without compromising patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Robotic System

The XACT ACE® Robotic System’s unique combination of features can overcome common challenges in accessing percutaneous procedures, getting you precisely on target every time.

S-Drive™ Technology

When a target shifts from its planned trajectory, our proprietary S-Drive technology steers an instrument along a non-linear path so you can remain exactly on target.  

There are many variables—including patient breathing, target, tissue, and anatomical movement—that can cause inconsistent results when trying to reach targets, leading to inaccurate diagnosis, delayed or suboptimal treatment, or repeat procedures.  

The XACT ACE® Robotic System’s proprietary S-Drive technology provides ongoing adjustments to an instrument’s trajectory to overcome movement and more precisely reach desired targets without the need for instrument reinsertion. 

Precise Robotic Insertion

The XACT ACE® Robotic System provides the opportunity to access difficult-to-reach tumors, lesions, or tissue samples. Hands-free, the robot precisely inserts and advances instruments, removing inconsistencies that can occur manually. 

The robot is designed to support multiple applications and indications. It is instrument agnostic which means it uses instruments already stocked within the facility for various procedures, such as ablation, biopsy, drainage, or targeted drug delivery. This allows for quick adoption and integration into the procedure workflow.

Image-Guided Planning

The XACT ACE Robotic System relies on the user’s clinical expertise to create a procedure plan for execution.

Leveraging XACT’s planning software, users transition their procedure plan to the robot for execution.

The operator selects an entry point, target, and any obstacles to calculate the procedure’s linear or non-linear trajectory.

Real-Time Monitoring

With the ongoing movement of lesions, it’s vital to verify throughout the procedure that the instrument remains on target. 

Real-time monitoring allows you to identify target movement that occurs at any point during instrument insertion and adjust the instrument trajectory. Once the trajectory is adjusted, the robot leverages S-Drive™ technology to steer an instrument along a non-linear path to reach the target with unparalleled accuracy without requiring instrument reinsertion.

Synchronized Patient Mounting

Attaches quickly and securely to a patient, accommodating multiple anatomical positions while compensating for patient and breathing movement.

Hands-free and patient mounted, the XACT ACE® Robotic System adapts to varying body sizes and target locations.

Safe: Compensates for patient movement and breathing 

Easy Set-up: Quickly attaches to the patient 

All-in-One: Maximize the IR real estate with the registration element integrated directly into the ACE Robot 


Precisely reach targets – no matter the size, depth, or movement – helping to reduce the “watchful waiting” period, improve diagnostic yield and deliver better treatments.


Clinically proven to deliver an instrument in one insertion to target, helping to reduce procedure complexities and duration without compromising patient outcomes.


Designed to support multiple applications and indications, is instrument agnostic and has a small footprint, ensuring quick integration into a facility’s workflow.

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