Optimizing Stakeholder Value with Robotics

Robotic procedures have been around for over 20 years and are becoming the standard in healthcare.


The XACT ACE Robotic System is designed to support multiple applications. Indications are instrument-agnostic and have a small footprint. The broad use and short learning curve ensure the system can be used proficiently by staff with various experience levels – something not possible with manual insertion.

  • Supports multiple applications and indications to maximize ROI potential 
  • Small footprint requires no additional investment in special infrastructure or dedicated space  
  • Short learning curve allows for quick integration into facility workflows
  • Optimize workflow

Clinical Users

Every percutaneous procedure—and patient—is unique. Variables such as tissue, target, and patient movement can result in subpar accuracy, multiple instrument reinsertions, and additional scans. This can often lead to inaccurate diagnosis, delayed or suboptimal treatment, and unpredictable procedure time. 

The XACT ACE Robotic System has been proven to help reduce procedure complexities and duration without compromising patient outcomes.

  • Enhances users’ ability to improve diagnostic yield and optimize therapeutic interventions 
  • Reduces procedure complexities and duration 
  • Helps maximize department resources and increases patient throughput 
  • Expands diagnostic and therapeutic options


The XACT ACE Robotic System compliments a healthcare provider’s skillset to reach targets in the body with unparalleled accuracy in a single instrument insertion. It is an enabled technology that provides patients with the best possible outcomes, supporting:

  • Early diagnosis 
  • Positive patient outcomes 
  • Short overall procedure times 
  • Safe, minimally invasive procedures 

Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if a robotic-assisted procedure is right for you.  

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Clinical Experience

Predictable, repeatable procedures improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Achieve unparalleled outcomes in multiple organs with the impressive clinical experience of The XACT ACE Robotic System.


One robotic system with multiple applications maximizes ROI potential

Designed to support multiple applications and indications, is instrument agnostic and has a small footprint.