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Prostate Drainage

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Even with an extremely long trajectory to target, the robot enabled the attending physician to reach the target with 1mm tip-to-target accuracy without requiring any patient repositioning, despite the target update toward the end of insertion.


The patient presented with a large prostate abscess, which can often be a tricky location due to the anatomy surrounding the prostate. This procedure had a long trajectory to target of 128mm. 

There was a last-minute target update to ensure the tip of needle was in an ideal location for final insertion to allow for adequate drainage. 

Overall, the insertion was completed in a total of 11 minutes with 1mm tip-to-target accuracy. 

Procedure Type:Drainage
Location of Lesion:Prostate
Tip-to-Target Accuracy:1 mm
Skin-to-Target Time:11 minutes
Trajectory Length:128 mm
Patient PositionProne
Procedure SettingHospital