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Left Lung Apex Lesion

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As the robot advanced the instrument, the lesion was displaced behind the rib due to respiratory movement. The robot was able to compensate with a non-linear trajectory to successfully reach the lesion with 10-minute skin-to-target time.


Lesion was at the apex of the left lung between 1st and 2nd ribs. The angle needed to access the lesion in its current location led to a small intercostal access space.

Respiratory movement led to multiple trajectory updates during the procedure, with the lesion ultimately shifting behind a rib.

The XACT ACE® Robotic System utilized non-linear steering to compensate for the movement and reached the target.

Procedure Type: Biopsy
Location of Lesion: Lung
Tip-to-Target Accuracy:2 mm
Skin-to-Target Time:10 minutes
Trajectory Length:93.5 mm
Size of Lesion: 8mm
Patient Position: Supine
Procedure Setting: Private Practice