Unparalleled Accuracy. Unmatched Consistency. Unlimited Efficiency.

Achieve unparalleled accuracy while significantly improving procedure consistency and overall efficiencies in interventional percutaneous procedures, all in a compact and portable footprint.

Clinical Experience

Predictable and repeatable procedures help improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The XACT ACE® Robotic System has impressive clinical experience with unparalleled outcomes in multiple organs. 


One robotic system with multiple applications maximizes ROI potential

Designed to support multiple applications and indications, is instrument agnostic and has a small footprint.

Integrating Robotics into Your Care

Robotic procedures have been around for over 20 years and are becoming the standard in healthcare. Whether you are in hospital administration, clinical care or a patient, robotic insertion of instruments provides compelling benefits:

  • Improve accuracy for enhanced patient outcomes
  • Create procedure consistency for more predictable results
  • Achieve overall efficiencies to maximize department resources