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XACT ACE® Robotic System: For Early and Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment

XACT ACE® Robotic System (“ACE”) is an enabled technology that provides patients with the best possible outcomes, supporting:

  • early diagnosis
  • safe, minimally invasive procedures
  • short overall procedure times
  • positive patient outcomes

ACE compliments your healthcare provider’s skillset to reach targets in the body with unparalleled accuracy in a single instrument insertion.

What to Expect With ACE: Procedure Overview

The steps during a robotic enabled procedure using ACE will follow the same process as a traditional manual procedure.

  • 1. You will be brought to the procedural room where you will be prepared for the procedure.

  • 2. Your healthcare provider will use CT images to plan the optimal procedure pathway.

  • 3. The small, lightweight ACE will be placed comfortably on your body in a location best suited to to follow the procedure pathway identified by your provider.

  • 4. After the planning is complete, the instrument insertion is performed by ACE under the control of your healthcare provider.

  • 5. During the procedure you may be asked to follow instructions from your provider, such as breathing technique, to assist in achieving proper instrument placement.

  • 6. Once the target is reached, the clinical procedure is completed by your healthcare provider.

Talk to your healthcare provider to find out if a robotic-assisted procedure is right for you.