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Precision Placement for a Lung Lesion

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The robot was set at a specific angle to achieve a trajectory that decreased the risk of overthrow into healthy tissue. The robot steered the instrument between two ribs to successfully obtain the biopsy with less than 1mm tip-to-target accuracy.


After measuring the size of the lesion, the needle tip placement was crucial to avoid puncturing through the opposite margin of the lesion. This was combined with a steep angle through a narrow intercostal space, leaving limited options to ensure the 20mm biopsy throw was adequately extracted.

The robot was able to accommodate the procedure plan and trajectory updates to reach the target successfully within 3 minutes.

Procedure Type:Biopsy
Location of Lesion:Lung
Tip-to-Target Accuracy:0.8 mm
Skin-to-Target Time:3 minutes
Trajectory Length:33.6 mm
Size of Lesion8x16mm
Patient PositionProne
Procedure SettingHospital