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Liver Dome Procedure

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Liver dome lesions are incredibly complex to access due to their proximity to the lung and diaphragm, making it a highly mobile location within the organ. Using the XACT ACE® robot, the interventional radiology team was able to reach the liver dome target in 9 minutes with 1.5mm tip-to-target accuracy.


This procedure was conducted by an IR Fellow and first-time user of the XACT ACE® robot. The approach to the liver dome lesion was particularly challenging due to many vital structures that obstruct the standard path to the target. A steep angle was essential to avoid the lung tissue. The fellow successfully reached the liver dome target in one insertion with the patient in a left lateral decubitus position.

Procedure Type:Biopsy
Location of Lesion:Liver Dome
Tip-to-Target Accuracy:1.5 mm
Skin-to-Target Time:9 minutes
Trajectory Length:151.9 mm
Patient PositionLLD
Procedure SettingHospital